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I was almost 5 months pregnant last year.  I had a slight cold and one day it took a turn for the worst.  We went to the ER and they sent me home after a few hours.  Fast forward two days later,  I went to see my ob/gyn. He couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat and concluded that we had lost our son.  I still wasn’t feeling well so he called the ambulance.  After that I honestly don’t remember much.  I was so heavily medicated. I had the flu,  a gall bladder infection and my organs started failing. One of my lungs filled with fluid,  and I was heartbroken.  I stayed for 3 weeks.  I couldn’t walk or couldn’t control my bowels.  I could barely lift a book.  I have atypical HUS.  It’s a disorder that effects your blood and kidneys. My immune system is basically out of control.

I was on a special medication to help my kidneys function properly for a year.  Because I did so well,  they took me off.  I still have to go to the doctor every two weeks or so and be monitored, but it’s so much better than where I was.


When I found out I was pregnant with my 3 year old I completely changed how I was eating and how active I was.  I decided to make fitness and health a priority.  Just because you are slim on the outside does not mean we are healthy on the inside.  I train private and in small groups with Jai and Ron.  Thankfully it became a lifestyle for me.  Now that I’ve had all of these medical issues,  I’m even more committed to eating clean and being active.

My energy level is much better than when I wasn’t as active.  Even when I’m tired, I still push myself to make my work outs.  You’ll feel better! It releases tension and you’ll feel better emotionally because you pushed yourself.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Jai crunch and her some of her moves! It is super tough but so effective.  Planks & burpees are a favorite but Jai… whats up the donkey kick over the mat?  Training with Jai is so personal.  I have someone who is genuinely interested in me and my well-being.  Jai never cuts me any slack.  She’s so supportive and I’m always sore. Once I get the hang of something,  Jai fibs a way to challenge me again!

I’ll never stop working out and aiming to live my best life.  We were made to have abundant and be prosperous.  That’s not limited to wealth or material things.  It’s about our relationships, our emotional beings,  our HEALTH. We are wonderfully made.  So why not treat your body well? We treat our cars,  houses,  & pets like royalty so why do anything less for yourself?!

Demisha V.

I was tired of procrastinating so I sat with Jai and worked on what to eat as well as signed up for her small group Junior Varsity. We created a plan together that made sense for my lifestyle.  Jai taught me a lot and gave me a lot confidence.   I call her my guardian angel.  I use to always eat double and realized that after learning the difference between serving size and portions with Jai.
I lost 80 pounds with Jai.  I have more confidence and want to do more things with my life.  I shop for clothes now and feel great.  Before, they wouldn’t have my size.
My favorite workouts with Jai are stations and back to back movement.  I like burpees because that shows how far I’ve come from my hip surgery.  When I can’t do something, she gives me a variation so I never feel left out.  When I went to the gym, I didn’t feel like I accomplished much.  The gym was boring and I don’t like creating my own routines.  When training with Jai, I feel accomplished because the workouts are challenging.  I don’t like being late to class because it is something to look forward to. When I don’t workout, I feel terrible.
For those that are just beginning this journey, I say “Don’t give up.  Keep on going.  Find a way to make it happen.”
Bill M.
I can’t go back to where i was before losing 40 pounds. My family medical history includes diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. Going back to an unhealthy lifestyle means signing my life away to these health risks.
Now, I understand and value the importance of eating foods that fuel my body. I attend Jai’s nutrition classes, plan my meals ahead of time and go food shopping based on what those meals require.
I love the circuit workouts with Jai and Ron. Throwing a ball, swinging the ropes, squatting, etc. it makes the workout a lot of fun. Each class is different so the element of suspense gives me something to look forward to.
Working out with Jai and Ron is a personal experience. I feel committed to showing her I can push myself. I feel comfortable sharing my struggles with her and with Ron when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. I trust in their guidance. I also feel connected to the other participants in the class. We push each other to try harder and hold each other accountable for missing classes or slacking off. At a gym, it’s a very solitary environment. It would be very hard to stay committed to going to a gym alone. I also know that I just wouldn’t push myself as hard without the support I get from Jai and Ron.
Cindy F.


I lost 30 pounds in 4 months through working out with Jai and following her recipes and eating guidelines.  My day to day activities were stressful and and contributed to emotional eating but not anymore.  Following the advice of my personal trainer, Jai, I make sure to eat 3 balanced meals a day.  We must always take time out from our busy work days to eat right and at regular intervals.  I feel more energetic and able to do more physical activities at work and at home.  I definitely do not want to see myself ballooning out like that ever again. I pray the Lord will give me the will power and discipline necessary to stay fit for life. Keeping Jai around will also help me walk the straight and narrow path.When food tempts me,  I immediately remember all the sweat I left at Jai’s fitness center over the past 4 months and how I don’t want to do an extra 1000 burpees to burn it off.



I must really say all of Jai’s activities are awesome. I especially like her circuit training classes because the training is more individualized for each person.  Jai is very ebullient and emits lots of positive energy to motivate the class to work out. She offers each class member personalized attention with emphasis on each individual’s goals.  She makes sure that we are not going to hurt ourselves by doing an exercise incorrectly. She adapts the exercises to each person’s physical potential.  Her constant positive feedback and yes negative feedback during class is great.  Jai is always surprising the class with some awesome new activity so it’s like opening a birthday present every time we meet. I wish I would’ve met someone like her 13 years ago before I began packing on the pounds. She is simply the best trainer and friend a girl can have.  For those that ask “when I will stop working out”,  I remind them that this is a permanent healthy living lifestyle change I have made. I intend to keep eating nutritious food and working out with the best trainer, Jai.

Susan N.

Earlier this year my work pants were not fitting anymore which made me a bit depressed. I would wear big baggy shirts to cover my belly and I didn’t feel good about myself. The moment when I said “no more” was when a lady on the train offered me her seat because she thought I had a bun in the oven.
I joined Ron and Jai’s small group program in April 2013.  I lost 18 pounds.  Jai and Ron are not a lame gym commercial trying to convince you that they care.  They genuinely cares about their clients and will do their best to help us out in any way possible.  We’re more then clients to Jai.  We’re like her children.  And compared to the gym, I’ve gotten results by going to their classes.

I like it when Jai targets your whole body and she always has this sneaky list of what we are going to be doing that day and we have no idea what is coming up next. I like the element of surprise she brings. My favorite workouts are the games, like hot potato, picking up popsicle sticks, and other games she comes up with.  Seeing the results physically and mentally that I have seen since I started with Jai and Ron, I don’t see myself going back to the place I was before I started training with them. I have more energy then ever.
Cat N.
I lost and have kept off 40lbs. with Jai Faith and Ron.   I learned the different ways to eat foods that sustain and keep me energized. I eat my regular meals, snacks and feel good just having water.  As a adult responsible for myself and others, a working mother of 2, and a wife, I eat and prepare foods completely different. The taste of fast food is something of the past and not desired by my family.  My table always looks so pretty with all the wonderful colors my meals consist of. The flavors of healthy veggies and low fat meats offer great tastes. I set the example to my family. Healthier eating is the most important thing especially if we’ve been doing it wrong all along.  The older we get, the more visible those choices appear by the way our body looks and feels.
My energy is great! My size is 4 from a 10. I could never put on the 40-45lbs I’ve lost because I won’t let myself go back to that place. I get so many compliments and I’m asked how I’m doing it. It doesn’t happen overnight and if you just want to diet, it won’t work. There is no quick fix but if you’re open to a life change, and you truly want to be different – you can do it! Just set small goals and don’t give up!
I take Zumba and small group training with Jai and Ron.  Jai explained what real weight loss should be.  I have been eating differently ever since I met Jai. Even when I am not doing the Zumba or their training, I still find it in me to do something at home or cardio at a gym or on the track. Those places can be great but training with Jai or Ron, is the best! They work everything! When I feel the sore during the session, I know there’s something great that comes after.  I like what I see and how I feel after.   Sandy M.
Since I started with Jai, my stress levels are down. I am full of energy. I  am eating good food, and I am eating because I am hungry, not out of emotion.  I care about the food I put in my body.  I check that the food I am eating will be real food, and not fast  food.  I cook almost every night. I buy a lot of fruits and vegetables and I enjoy  eating healthy.  Even in a  restaurant, I am more aware of the food I pick.  I have a sweet tooth. So I am try not to have cookies and cakes at home,  so I will not eat too much.




Since I started working with Jai, I lost  23 pounds.  I really do not want to see myself back where I started.  I was depressed and stressed, and tired all the time.  I am now full of energy, sleep great and I have more energy now at the age of 59 than I did when I ws 25!!  If I have a party or a special dinner, I will eat fruits and vegetables during the day so I can enjoy in the party……..If I ate too much…..I will do extra  workout with Jai or Ron.  I like all of the workouts Jai and Ron give me. The best is that it changes every workout. It is never the same. I love Zumba and Blend. Saturday became my joy day. I go every Saturday to Zumba, and after I do an hour of  Blend.  I love Zumba since it is dance, and the music makes me happy.  Blend is a kind of Ballet with Stretching and it reminds me the years I  danced Ballet. Both Zumba and Blend, relieve my stress. I tell every body that  those two hours are my mental therapy.
Ayala T.


My mother and I were both suffering from health issues.  I had an abnormal heart beat and my doctor urged me to lose weight. I joined Jai’s small group and then moved on to one-on-on training.   I love working out with Jai in the small group and one-on-one setting. I’ve had trainers before but she is the only one who has motivated me to be active and keep at it.  At the gym, I always felt uncomfortable.  I enjoy the one-on-one instruction and motivation.   Since training with Jai, I have lost almost 30 pounds, am reversing my health issues and weigh close to what I weighed in high school.

I love working out and the sensation it gives.  I definitely won’t stop because I enjoy it.  I won’t go back to that place before working out.  I would not want to trade that for being over weight and out of breath.  I am so much more energetic now.  I bounce around all day and do some form of exercise through out the day.  My relationship with food has also matured.

Quinique H.

I started with Jai by taking her Zumba class and then joining a small group where we focused on toning and clean eating.  I enjoy working out with the small group.  With Jai I have the opportunity to work out one to one.  It is difficult to do it in a regular gym because it is basically all weight machines.  With Jai, I noticed a difference in my body quick.
I lost 52 pounds on my fitness journey.  I will never say never but I like how to look and I want to maintain this!  I lost my weight the healthy way.  I changed my relationship with food.  I learned to say no to certain foods.  I am more aware of what I’m eating and the benefits of certain power foods.  I want those to know that are just beginning that it is possible to lose weight.  You can do it and keep it off.
Omayra R.
Jai helped me balance healthy eating, work, and training. She was definitely there to encourage me. She gave me tips on how to cook healthier meals at home and also healthy snacks.

I will never go back to that place before living a fit life! I lost 14 pounds with Jai and I  am now enjoying a new me. I feel more energetic, alive and not sleepy. I feel great when I work out. Jai is great at motivating me. Working out is definitely hard but with Jai pushing you and encouraging you, it makes it worth it. Then when you see your results it makes it even more rewarding. I don’t deprive myself when I am tempted with food but I think of how I don’t want to look and it makes me think twice before eating it.
I personally love the one on one training with Jai with no distractions. Its fun!! I can’t work out alone in the gym because I’ll just be lazy. Theres no one supporting you.  It’s just you alone. With Jai it feels like home… like a family. She’s there to motivate you and push you even when you feel like you can’t do it!!! She’s on top of you making sure your on the right track. Even if she’s away there will be homework. I don’t ever see myself going back to that unhealthy lifestyle. I love how I feel and look.
Noemi N.
Working with Ron and Jai  was the smartest move I made. I knew once I committed to their regiment there was no going back.  The difference between the gym and working with Ron and Jai is the motivation and the encouragement. I can walk into the gym today and start to work out and decide I’m not feeling it, turn around and walk out. Even when I was in pain I never felt that way going to a session. I always wanted to impress or make them proud. At the end of the day I wanted to show them that all their hard work was paying off as well as mine. I lost almost 80 pounds from start to finish with Jai and Ron in less than a year.  They never let anyone quit and I love that.
My energy level now is great!   I actually like quick feet, walkouts with a push up, planks, dips, push ups, and mountain climbers.  It takes me back to my basketball and football days.  Half of those I couldn’t do my first month working with them.  Now I try to eat as healthy as possible, grilled chicken, spinach, etc…. it’s crazy how eating junk for a few days can set you back so much.   The hardest part is getting started. It does get easier and when you start seeing results it’s just going to motivate you even more.
Brian M
I have lost 75 pounds and don’t ever want to go back to that place before living a fit life. I try not to beat myself if I have a cheat or fall of the wagon.  I’ve learned I’m human and I might get off track but the key is to jump back on because all that hard work is worth it.  My energy level is at the highest it has ever been in my life and I love it.  With a teenager, preteen, and toddler I need energy and so glad I can keep up with them.  I love being active.  It is who I am and want to be.
 I love training with Jai for a number of reasons.  I love the small groups and the motivation I get that comes along with being in her presence.  I don’t want to disappoint her and love the classes because at the gym I get bored and distracted focusing on the time.  With Jai’s class I’m around people like me in the same quest of getting healthy.  I like the way she encourages you to push yourself and get through that tough exercise.  What I love about the experience with Jai is that a lot of the techniques she taught me is something I can bring home with me and to the track and use beyond the class.  With a gym I can’t take that machine home with me.  But Jai teaches you exercises and techniques using your body and minimal equipment.  She teaches you that you can use yourself as equipment in training, which in turn you can take with you anywhere.  I love that.  I loved when she trains with the Kettle bells and the fact of her breaking me into a sweat because I knew it was benefiting me.
Jai you are a constant source of my inspiration in keeping this lifestyle up. I know I am only human and may fall off track once in a while ,but I am so glad I have finally got that willpower to jump back on track .
Elizabeth G. (A.K.A. Miss Lizz)
Training with Jai and Ron is FUN!!! There is no judgement and you develop a real family relationship with every one. I love Jai because she knows me so well she can tell by my face when I am being lazy and does not let me get away with it. She pushes me to the limit and takes me places I never knew I could go. I have lost 32 pounds so far and I will never go back to that place. I have set backs all the time but I don’t ever want to return to that place again. Exercise has become my own personal anxiety pill. I feel great. I walk with an extra pep in my step. My mood is positive and I do everything with extra enthusiasm.
I get asked when I will stop working out so often and the answer is never. My biggest fear is that Jai and Ron will move somewhere too far for me to travel to. The workouts have become such a staple in my life. Working out should never be treated like a temporary solution.
Marlene M.

In July 2011, I started working out with Jai Faith in a group with some of my girlfriends and cousins. Doing it alone in a gym isn’t for me. I’ve tried that too but just couldn’t stay. Being part of the group classes makes me feel accountable. We are motivating and encouraging one another, starting with Jai. She is the best motivator!!!

In the group, the girls aren’t looking at each other to judge either. We look to encourage one another to push through that 69th sit up or hold that plank pose a little longer. Our workouts are never the same and a surprise when we are there. They vary between strength training, cardio, kettle bells, Zumba and whatever else, Jai or her husband, Ron, come up with.

This is a journey that has its ups and downs. It can feel so slow. It won’t happen over-night; we didn’t put on the weight over night. But I’m so glad I’m on this journey. I started at 226lbs and have lost almost 40lbs and look forward to where this journey leads.

Michelle E.

Jai is an awesome trainer. I haven’t met someone who’s so dedicated, loving and understanding to her clients. She’s very motivating, patient and positive. Jai makes you want to work out with all that energy she transmits to you. She pushed my baby in the stroller while I ran along side them, we trained privately and I have been in small groups. We made sure to get the workouts in by all means necessary! My favorite forms of training are Zumba with Jai, Spartans Small Group with Jai and Ron as well as working out at the track. Jai and Ron make a perfect team. I can’t thank them enough.
For those beginning this path, I would like to say that weight lose doesn’t happen over night so be patient in your journey. Stay focused, continue to eat healthy, exercise regularly and you will see the difference in your life. Stay focused and never lose hope. Hope is all you have and you only have one life so live it long & healthy.
Jackie L.
The difference in training with Jai other than going to the gym is the support I get from Jai. Jai will be on top of me like white on rice. Jai will make sure you get your workout in even if she is away. Jai is not only a great trainer but also a great friend. Jai has been there for me when I was going through rough times and when i felt like giving up. She gave me the motivation to continue my journey. When I go to the gym you don’t have support from anyone and you are on your own. I also get bored and I end up not going. When I am training with Jai I am excited to go because I know she has a great workout for us. I can’t forget my teammates. I have great teammates that support each other as well.  I have lost a total of 83 pounds on my fitness journey.  I don’t see myself ever going back to that unhealthy life. I love eating clean and exercising. I love the way I feel and look. I have so much energy. I wont change it for nothing in the world.
To those who are beginning this journey I will tell them to have faith and stay positive. Believe in yourself and tell yourself you can do it. There will be times when your friends will laugh at you because of what you are eating or how much you eat and that’s ok because at the end you will be happy with the changes you made in your life. You will feel great about yourself and that’s all that matters. Never think of it as a “DIET” because it’s just eating healthy. I always said “healthy eating, healthy mind :) ”.
Linda O.
Since I have been training with Jai I feel more energetic and healthy.  I feel so much better now that I lost the weight and would like to keep doing the training necessary to stay in shape.  My energy level is a lot higher then it was before because I was always tired and now I have more energy.  Since training with Jai, I have lost 20 pounds in 3 months.  I look forward to going to Jai’s class because it’s inspirational.  Jai motivates you to continue working out and pushes you to develop your strength. In the gym you are on own and most of the time I didn’t know if I was working out right which discouraged me in going to the gym.  Working out is now a part of my life and I will not stop working out because I enjoy it.  I feel great when I work out.
For those just beginning this journey, I have to say never give up!   You might not see results right away but stay focused because it is important to stay healthy. It won’t happen over night and everything is a work in progress. If you continue to eat healthy and work out you will start to see a change in your body. Never give up!!!
Claudia L.
I recall my weight as high as 210 pounds and I have lost over 40 pounds. I will
never go back to that place in my life.  My energy level is
extremely high and I am always motivated… which Jai and I call “beast mode”
(giving every ounce of energy you have into the workout).  Some of
my favorite workout activities are cardio, Zumba, strength training and salsa
lessons.  I feel great! I always have a lot of energy and I am
enthusiastic through the day.  Although, I always wonder what my
trainer, Jai, has in store for me that day. ;)
I feel now as an adult, I became more conscious of the foods that are healthy for
you. My eating pattern has changed completely. At home everything is healthy
now.  I’m very focused, however, to be honest I don’t deprive myself either.
Everything is in moderation.
My words to my trainer: Jai is a great motivator; she has this charisma about
herself that is a blessing that comes from above. She makes you push that extra
mile, when you think you can’t anymore. She’s not only a wonderfultrainer but
a great friend!! “Jai Rocks”  …. Jackie C. (“J.C.”)
I started working out with Jai and I love it! I am back to my pre pregnancy
weight and now am working to go to my ultimate goal weight. I won’t go back to
what I was before or eating like I did while I was pregnant.  My energy level now is
great which is very helpful with a 17 month old baby. To the moms out there who
say they do not have time or energy. Make the time to work out because it will give
you a new found energy!  I still eat things that I shouldn’t be eating but I make sure
I work hard when I do. I also tend to think about it before I eat certain things too,
 but I am definitely not eating like I used to. Working with Jai not only gave me the
body I want but also taught me what to eat and what not to eat which I needed help
with. I truly enjoy working out now. I used to run and now I weight train which I enjoy
more. I enjoy mountain climbers and any workouts to help my arms. I am still working
on the six pack…it takes time. We do power training and kettle bells. Although I am
sweating my hair out and in pain, I love it! I love it because not only am I doing it right
but I see the results which motivates me even more. I joined Jai
May of 2011 and in 7 months I have gone from a size 10-12 to a size 6!
I have lost 20 pounds! You can too!
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter to give you an idea about how important my decision was to start training with Jai Faith.  It has been one of the most important decisions of my life, health wise and career wise.  Training with Jai is intense, but she knows how to make it fun at the same time.  She also connects with people on a personal level, and most trainers miss that important fact.  Jai doesn’t only work on the outside physical appearance but also is very knowledgeable about nutritional facts for a healthy life style, not diets.
Jai has been helping me to get healthy and in physical shape for a career move I am taking.  She has helped me lose over 60lbs and with the healthy lifestyle she taught me, I feel as if I was in high school again! Now I feel the healthiest that I’ve been in my life, thanks to Jai’s amazing training and guidance. I would recommend Jai to anybody that is serious about changing their life around to be healthy.  She is an amazing trainer but on top of
that, she is also an amazing person.
R. Rodriguez
To Whom It May Concern:
We have found Jai to be an absolutely awesome, effective and patient trainer.  She has shown exceptional prowess in
helping us to build up my personal outlook not only physically, but mentally as well.
We have been training with Jai for and lost over 100 pounds together.
We are amazed and personally overwhelmed with her ability to motivate us to not only lose weight through exercise
 and healthy eating, but more importantly, to be self-disciplined and maintain focus.
The energy and love that we found for our own body through working with Jai, is, indeed, irreplaceable.
We can certainly verify and confirm that Jai would be an asset to any one’s team.
Elizabeth and Robert R.
Dear Jai,
I am writing you this letter for two reasons.  Reason number 1 is that I am very excited that we were able to reach my goal of losing 15 pounds and transforming my house hold into healthy eaters regardless of our busy schedule.  After I gave birth to my daughter, I felt unlike myself.  I have always active but became totally needed by a brand new life while I still owned my own business, was a full time teacher and wife.  I hardly had any time to invest into getting back into shape.  You showed me that it was possible.  We did it as a team!  Thank you so much for being supportive and top of me.
Reason number 2 is because I am pregnant again! :)  My little baby boy is due the end of April.  Please know that as soon as I receive clearance from my doctor to work out, I want to wok out with you again.  We are still eating very healthy in my home so I imagine that our transformation will happen a little quicker.  Thank you so much.  I am comforted just to know we are in this together.
Yours Truly,
C. Ramirez