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Why is it that people take care of their homes and cars better than they take care of themselves?

This is not about vanity. This is about reclaiming your life. No one wakes up in the morning saying “I hope I become obese, get heart disease or diabetes”. Time seems to be the biggest excuse I hear for not working out or eating clean. Let me say this and then the lecture is over. If you do not make time now for exercise and clean eating, you will have to make time later for sickness.

A fit lifestyle is not only for the young. Food is not boring when you eat right. You do not have to starve yourself or live in a gym. You can achieve results in 30-40 minutes of exercise a few times a week. How do I know this? I lost 56 pounds following these principles after the birth of my son, Mateo. My clients are losing weight and feeling great.

My goal is to teach you what I know and train you until you no longer need me. I stopped training at the big gyms that make it unaffordable for people to receive exercise instruction. It also includes the other piece of the puzzle that gyms miss. Customized eating guidance with weekly accountability. After all, what good is it to work out if you are going to defeat the purpose by eating incorrectly?

You deserve this! Regain extra energy to enjoy your children, grandchildren and everyday life. Let’s get started! Jai Faith


*Jai Faith is a graduate of Fordham University and licensed through the American Council on Exercise